Bill Donohue

 Bill T Donohue Business Development Manager North America, SSAB Inc. currently working with Hardox Wearparts Centers, Duroxite overlay, XMOR High Productivity Solutions, and Hardox Workshop Solutions. Prior roles at SSAB include Business Area Manager, Hardox Sales Manager, and Wear Services Manager. Recruiting Hardox Wearparts Centers, sharing knowledge with them using to produce innovative solutions to industry. Prior to joining SSAB, I was a Vice President at ACS Industries where I worked for 10 years, Business Development Manager and Branch Manager at Astralloy Steel Products for 10 years and Corporate Operations Manager and Branch Manager at Flexalloy Incorporated for 7 years. Early work experience as a machinist, heat treat inspector, truck driver and 3 years in US Army helped to develop skills and experiences. Involved with the National Slag Association for more than 10 years.

Jim Alexander

Jim Alexander has been working for Kenco Engineering for nearly 40 years.  Starting as a drafter while in college, he learned the practical applications of wear metals and their applications.  After many roles at the company including everything from parts design to manufacturing, he is currently the salesperson representing Kenco’s line of wear products specifically related to steel mill services and more specifically the Slag industry.