Pile of Slag

Documents of Interest

Environmental Papers

BOF Removal of Phosphate and Waterborne Pathogens from Wastewater
200-3 Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Blast Furnace, Basic Oxygen Furnace, and Electric Arc Furnace Steel Industry Slags.
202-1 Leachate from Blast Furnace Slag
202-3 Iron and Steel Making Slag – Environmentally Responsible Construction Aggregates.
205-1 Water Improvement Initiatives in New Zealand Using Melter Slag Filter Beds

Slag - Bases & Flexible Pavements

107-1 "Slag Bituminous Surface Courses"
173-1 "Slag for Use in Bituminous Concrete"
173-2 "Safer Pavements with Skid-Resistant Slag"
183-10 "Air-Cooled Blast-Furnace Slag Bases"
183-2 "Slag Utilization in Pavement Construction", J. Emery', ASTM 1982
183-5 "Skid-Resistance Predictive Models for Asphaltic Concrete, Surface Courses", Emery, Lee & Kamel
205-2 Steel Slag used in Chip & Seal Applications Technical Bulletin

Slag - Applications In Cement & Concrete

156-2A "Flexural and Compressive Strength Properties of Air-Entrained Concrete with Air-Cooled BF Slag Aggregate", 1958
168-5 "Blast-Furnace Slag Concrete"
175-10 "Slag Concrete Masonry Units"

General Information On Iron & Steel Slag