Pile of Slag

Success Stories

Blast Furnace Slag Weighs In at Detroit Metro Airport’s New Parking Garage

Article 205-3

Precast Concrete Using Blast Furnace Slag Saves Months and Millions of Dollars.
“Whitetopping” thin concrete overlays use Blast Furnace Slag in Wayne County

Article 205-1

Southeast Michigan: Two innovative projects help rehabilitate the road network with long-term benefits.
ACBF slag is major component of NCAT test track research.

Article 204-2

Air-Cooled Blast Furnace Slag mixtures perform well under accelerated loading.
Lightweight slag – the product of choice for Highway 17 in Renfrew, Ontario

Article 204-1

A build-up made possible with lightweight expanded slag keeps differential settlement to a minimum and eliminates subgrade displacement at bridge abutments.
I-70 through Colorado’s Glenwood Canyon

Article 202-7

A Series of Bridges and a Series of Challenges Solved with Steel Slag.
Once again slag proves “less is more” on Michigan’s M-63 in Benton Harbor.

Article 202-6

The Levy Company helps shore up a foundation weakened because it’s too near the shore.
Slag fills six miles of two new concrete lanes on busy I-65 in Hobart, Indiana.

Article 202-5

The Levy Company supplies slag for Northwest Indiana’s largest design and build project.
NASCAR drivers know a smooth surface starts with a strong foundation.

Article 202-4

Chicagoland Speedway knew it could bank on blast furnace slag to help create those 18º banked turns.
American agriculture gets growth spurt using EAF Slag as liming agent

Article 201-4

It may be nearly a century since the first steel slag was used as a liming agent in the United States...
Largest Stone Matrix Asphalt project in USA spans 6 lanes for 8 miles

Article 200-9

“At the time, this was only the second paving job using SMA in the country"
Sudden stops and starts don’t bother the Illinois Tollway plazas anymore

Article 200-4

The Illinois State Toll Highway Authority developed a mix that uses electric arc furnace (EAF) slag sand.
Since 1774 slag has been mixing it up with cement. So what’s new?

Article 200-2

For more than two centuries slag has been a kind of high octane additive in cementmaking.
Flatwork concrete that can withstand Michigan’s temperature  ups and downs.

Article 200-1

During winters, the repeated freezing and thawing cycles frequently result in surface defects.