Al Atkinson

Al Atkinson is the North American Product Manager in the Tire Protection Chain  division of the Pewag Group one of the oldest chain manufacturers in the world.  Pewag tire protection chains are used in a wide variety of applications including those extreme conditions encountered in the iron, steel, and slag industries. 

Al started his tenure with Pewag in 1994 as a lead man and has risen through the ranks to his current position of  North American Product Manager.  Al has been involved with the Mill Service Industry since 1995 and his expertise in tire protection is highly valued within the NSA and by its members.

Al is a veteran of the United States Armed Forces where he enlisted upon graduating from high school.  He successfully completed his tour of duty with Honorable Discharge from the United States Marine Corps.

Jim Alexander

Jim Alexander has been working for Kenco Engineering for nearly 40 years.  Starting as a drafter while in college, he learned the practical applications of wear metals and their applications.  After many roles at the company including everything from parts design to manufacturing, he is currently the salesperson representing Kenco’s line of wear products specifically related to steel mill services and more specifically the Slag industry.