2022 Annual Meeting Presentations

Monday Presentations

Chad Rhude – Enhancing Safety and Productivity Through Remote-Control and Tele-Operation
Alex Brand – A Novel Method to Measure CO2 Uptake: Application to Steel Slags
Rob Wark – Reduction of Labor Cost and Fuel Consumption Through the Implementation of Premium Engineered Wear Resistant Liner Systems
Bora Cetin – Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Leachate from Air Cooled Blast Furnace Slag Materials
David Dessureault – Evaluation of the Durability of EAF-C Steel Slag Utilizing Various Methodologies
Dan Petricini – Your Slag Pot an Engineered Asset
Craig Heidrich – Standard Specification for Low Carbon Concrete using Fly Ash and Slag
Charles Ochola – A review on the current state of the slag Industry, challenges faced, and steps being taken to address these challenges

Tuesday Presentations

Lianna Miller – Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for Slag
John Yzenas Jr. – Construction Aggregate Product Category Rule (PCR)
Mel Schindler – Wheel Loader Coupler Uses in Your Operation
Constantino Lannes – Innovative and Safer Methods for Drop Ball
Rock Vitale – Chromium Chemistry with Focus on Measurement in Slag Material

Wednesday Presentations

Cord Heine – Slag Utilization in Concrete and Asphalt at Nucor Steel Auburn, Inc
Zayd Sufyan – Building Relationships Through Slag
Deborah Proctor – Updated Health Risk Assessment of EAF Carbon Steel Slag