The NSA Technical Committee supports the National Slag Association and the Iron and Steel Slag Industry by working with local, state and federal agencies and specifications to advocate Slag as a product through the use of science and technology. The committee meets throughout the year three to four times in person and through webinars/conference calls as needed to discuss ongoing issues of member companies and address specification concerns as they arise. The Committee relies on research and investigations to evaluate end use applications, mitigation techniques, and industry best practices. Research is at the heart of this committee. The Technical Committee is also available to address questions that arise by potential customers or the general public. In addition to addressing technical topics, the committee works closely with the NSA Environmental Committee.

Technical Committee Chairs


The purpose of the NSA Environmental Committee is to educate, advocate and support the environmental, economic and social sustainability of the appropriate end use of slag through partnerships with our members, steel slag producers and consumers, and regulatory agencies to meet the needs of the present without compromising the resources of future generations.

Environmental Committee Chairs


The National Slag Association Marketing Committee is committed to developing and implementing marketing initiatives to promote and educate both the public and producers the proper the use of slag. These include the development of the NSA Website and to promote the NSA speaker series for engineers and universities. The Marketing Committee will assist member companies with any situation related to sales, marketing, and public relations involving slag.

Marketing Committee Chairs


The purpose of the NSA Operators committee is to serve as a platform for the education of both NSA Members and Allied Members on slag operations, maintenance, and new industry technologies.  The mission is to bring industry knowledge and expertise together in a collaborative forum that will provide opportunities to identify and share operational advancements, while promoting initiatives that improve and enhance employee safety.

Operations Committee Chairs


The NSA is committed to protecting the safety and health of its members’ most precious resource: their team members.  The NSA Safety Committee is at the forefront of influencing the safety culture within the slag industry and works in synchronization with both active and allied member companies to execute a unified approach to accomplishing this mission.  The NSA Safety Committee is committed to addressing health and safety challenges affecting members’ day-to-day operations; developing and implementing programs to meet the unique needs of the slag industry; partnering with allied members to provide the industry solutions and technology; and providing the association information and training on critical topics affecting the industry. 

Safety Committee Chairs

Allied Members

The NSA Allied Member Committee represents those companies that actively support the Iron, Steel and Slag industries, with goods, services and solutions.  Allied Members and their committee work with the Purchasing and other committees to achieve best practices.  Better, Safer, and more Efficient practices increase profitability for all members

Allied Members Committee Chairs


The purpose of the NSA Purchasing Committee is to engage in recruitment of companies allied with the iron, steel, and slag industry who can offer goods and services that enhance the slag processing industry. The purchasing committee supports and actively works with the other NSA committees as they discuss Best Practices relative to both Operational processes and Safety. This Committee is always looking for Allied Members willing to host Spring and Summer meetings which allows the NSA member companies direct exposure to their facilities and product offerings. In the past this has led to constructive synergy between allied members effectively enhancing the services they provide to the industry.

Purchasing Committee Chairs