Technical Committee Chairs

Kelly Cook

Kelly Cook is a graduate of Purdue University with a B.S. in Biology and a minor in Chemistry.  She is a 10+ year veteran in the Laboratory testing field with experience in Wet Chemistry and Metals based testing applications of both water and solid materials, and Aggregate and Construction materials testing, including HMA Mix Design. Kelly has held various roles in her career including lab technician, chemist, lab supervisor and currently serves as the Edw. C. Levy Co. Technical Laboratories Director. In addition to chemistry testing, Kelly is also experienced with Aggregate and Construction materials testing, including HMA Mix Design; implementing and managing a Laboratory Information Management System; maintaining and developing documents and processes for Laboratory Quality Systems to meet International and Federal Specifications; developing methods for and working on research projects; and managing day to day operations of Levy Technical Laboratories.  Kelly is an active member of the Transportation Research Board, Indiana Mineral Aggregates Association, National Slag Association, ASTM International, and Association of Official Agricultural Chemists. In addition to serving as Co-Chair for the NSA Technical Committee, Kelly also serves on the AFP70 Mineral Aggregates Committee for the Transportation Research Board, is Chair of the Indiana Mineral Aggregates Association Technical Committee, Chair of ASTM D4.99 Sustainability Committee on Road and Paving, and Membership Secretary for ASTM D04 Committee on Road and Paving Materials.  She is CAPP and HMA certified and qualified in the State of Indiana. Kelly has written several papers and presented at various meetings and conferences including the Transportation Research Board, American Association of State Highway Testing Officials (AASHTO) Re:Source Technical Exchange, Purdue Road School, American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Global Slag, ASTM International, American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI), Steel Manufacturers Associations (SMA), Mississippi State University Slag Workshop and National Slag Association Annual Meeting.

In addition to her work responsibilities, Kelly is married with 4 children (all girls) and spends her “free time” watching her husband coach as her kids kick balls around on the soccer field and helping to coach volleyball for her kids. When she’s not chasing after kids, she enjoys getting lost in a good book and baking.

David Dessureault

David Dessureault is a Trois-Rivières College graduate in Civil Engineering with 15 + years’ experience working in the Construction, mining and metal industry. He specializes in aggregate application development and project management. Located near Montreal, Quebec, David is currently occupying the role of Canadian sales Manager at Harsco Environmental where he oversees sales, technical and application development of steel slag based materials in addition to R&D and commercial development. Serving as Co-chair of the NSA’s technical committee he is also a director of the Canadian Slag association and actively involved in diverse road and infrastructure associations in Canada like the RPPG & AQEI. 

Since David lives in Canada, of course he plays Hockey and does CrossFit in his free time but he also likes to spend time with his 2 young kids and his wife camping in the Wilderness.


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